Shannon Day – "Saioule"

A Journey Through The Chakras

"Saioule" was recorded, produced, edited, sung, and written by Shannon. This is Shannon's second healing arts release. A vision come true; "Saioule" is both deeply moving and a rare jewel. Some say it is the first of its' kind. Through the recording of crystal bowls attuned to each chakra, Shannon produced sounds with the intention of focusing on the variant energies of the chakra system. With the tones as a foundation, Shannon cloistered herself at the ocean, daily meditated and sang the voice of each chakra. Randy Rollofson created programming and drums. Marc Rose edited and mixed the project. Nick Moon mastered, and voila! "Saioule".

Each track is roughly 8 minutes long, with a 4 minute centering track at the end. "Saioule" is 60 minutes in entirety. Shannon began studying sonic and vibrational healing with the likes of Jonathan Goldman and James D'Angelo in the late 1990's. She continues to teach the energetic properties inherent in tones within the body, and through channeling personal sound. Shannon's music is largely inspired by the action of being a sonic vessel for spirit, which one can intuit from her musical style. This musical offering can be used for healing, meditation, relaxation, or listening pleasure.



The Danaan - Faerie Revisted

The Danaan was created by Shannon Day & Hans Janowitz based on their shared experience of separate profound events in the country of Ireland. It was born from a desire of reconnection to a forgotten source of inspiration.
 It's a return to a more elemental style of music; one rooted in improvisation, simplicity and space while avoiding presumption and over-production.

The original recorded songs involved almost no rehearsal, single unbroken takes, no click tracks, no digital editing and imperfections were left in place. That freedom from restriction and expectation allowed full expression in the present moment, and an intense connection with the sound and each other as the music took life.

Shannon & Hans continue to explore this method of open-ended composition, expanding on the reach, scope and limits of the music, and are happy to have released their full-length CD.



Illumine’s landscape is led by vocalist Shannon Day.  Her collaboration with percussionist Stephen Brown created the eclectic mix of acoustic electronica and vocal harmony, which have never been heard in today’s vast music arena.  Shannon Day and Stephen Brown are Illumine.

Illumine’s distinctive sound unifies beautifully angelic and professional vocalization with a percussion pulse layered over an electronic soundscape. Frequently joined by guest musicians, this phenomenal duo emerged to create a new genre in music, as yet defined only as Illumine.

Illumine's music has ben featured on NBC, CBS, & 7 compilation CD's.




Purekane, "Lounge Sessions" is the first debut of Shannon Day's vocal prowess.  Shannon is featured on 5 out of the 8 tracks.  This CD is now out of print.  The physical copy is available at a large price, thankfully "Purekane" is available in digital download format.

Purekane's debut EP, "Lounge Sessions," revisits the downbeat underpinnings of trip-hop with largely winning results. Producer, Bobek Djeyfroudi's wobbly, dub-influenced bass lines form the core around which the disc's sonic countours are wrapped. Co-engineer Sean Flora's guitars and keyboard programming add a variety of flavors. Tracks such as "Downtown" and the slinky "Dancing With the Divine" use the breathy vocals of Illumine's Shannon Day to great effect. "Visions" is similar to Pink Floyd's "Breathe" and "Winds From the East" redirects world music  to less conspicuously commercial ends. Overall, Purekane's debut takes a largely pleasant journey down trip-hop's lane.

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Composed by Shannon Day, co-produced by Marc Rose, and engineered by Hans Janowitz, this is the first in a series of Healing Sounds.  Shannon has created a format for meditation, and is currently mixing and mastering her forthcoming CD "Saioule" based on the variant energies or themes each Chakra represents. 

Chakra Meditations with Crystal Bowls activate healing with specific vibrations and tones, each sound uniquely affecting each chakra. Their sounds amplify, purify, and harmonize frequencies. These tones affect the body to stimulate healing, balancing, and meditation. The resonance of the Crystal Bowls creates a complete environment for relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation. Sit, listen, and receive the healing sounds. This two disc meditation set includes four meditations. Whether you choose the eight minute or the one hour meditation, the affects on your energy body will be measurable and long lasting.


AMERIJET (Summer 2013 Release)

AMERIJET is currently being mixed and mastered~ This beautiful body of work produced by John Smith who is also the producer and guitarist for Grammy Nominated Nu Shooz is the hot bed for the creativity inspiring this dance record. The listener is transported from India, the Norse Country, Tribal Islands, Undersea Expeditions, the USA, and each track is an experience is itself.These sonic landscapes were lost in a data transfer, and the two track mixes were left. Shannon took the existing tracks and built them into what exists today! AMERIJET is a true jet set adventure! The vocals for AMERIJET have been recorded, and Shannon is in the midst of mixing the CD at present.

Temporal EP (forthcoming) Winter 2013

John Smith, producer and guitarist for Nu Shooz, as well as a cinematic music composer, created all of the tracks on this sparkling CD. John and Shannon have been writing/ recording since the 1990's, and finally we are to see the fruits of their efforts this year and beyond.

Temporal is the result of the Wednesday night music club. Written in late night sessions, this CD includes jazz expression, diva songwriting, and sonic landscapes. "Temporal" means  1 a : of or relating to time as opposed to eternity b : of or relating to earthly life. This is reflective of the music, co-created at a certain time and personal continuum one can take from their past to catapult into the future. Shannon was also in an equestrian accident on a film set in the late 90's with a depressed skull fracture in the "temporal" region. "Temporal" is an ode the temporary nature of difficult events, leading to illumination growth, and the "betterment" of life through building character. Not heavy, but light bearing - "Temporal".

This CD has also been blessed by Caroline Woodham, a talented photographer/artist whom Shannon shot with late Summer 2009. Caroline has graciously offered her encaustic work on "Temporal" for the cover image. 


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